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A List of Top 5 Electric Scooter in India

India is a potential market for electric scooters. The growing awareness among people for electric vehicles is truly phenomenal. This popularity has forced vehicle manufacturers to go for electric bikes. There are a number of manufacturers provide different type of E-Bikes with dissimilar features. Here is a list of top 5 electric scooters in India.

1.Yuvee from Yukie Motors

2.Shiga from Yukie Motors

Shiga is also another popular E-Bike from Yukie Motors. It is designed to get greater endurance with single charge. These are available in different style and colors. Therefore, people prefer to use them as their personal transporter.

3.Okinawa Praise

Okinawa Praise is another popular E-Scooter in India. It has fantastic track record in the terms of endurance and speed. Due to its consumer friendly features, it has become another popular E-Scooter in India.

4.Pure Epluto

Pure EPluto is the product of Pure EV, it has outstanding consumer friendly features. Mainly the style and peak speed always attract youth to own this bike. It comes with 6 inch LCD screen and different type of driving modes to choose according to the road. It will go from zero to 40 kilometers per hous within 5 seconds.

5.Hero Electric Photon 48V

Photon 48V by Hero Electric is always a top consumer choice. Its digital instruments are elevating its popularity. Here are the features.

These are top 5 E-scooters in India. These are efficient, powerful and stylish. Therefore, people prefer to purchase them rather than conventional fuel consumed motorbikes.