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Established with an elementary thought of ‘Protecting the Planet ’, YUKIE Motors brings to you a reason to smile via transportation. YUKIE motors is based in New Delhi, India #ChalChalaChal

With an increase in pollutants and decibels in the air, the world is perhaps understanding the need for developing an increasingly sustainable lineup of silent, battery-powered two-wheelers. India, especially the National Capital region, is suffering from acute air pollution. Electric powered two-wheelers just may be a step towards a cleaner environment. Hence, we've gotten a list of scooters that to give an insight on the options a buyer will have in the coming months.

Move to Green, Make Globe Clean

We look for development without compromising our healthy Environment. Pollution (one sided) playing a very vital role in depleting the environment; automobiles are the major investors in pollution. In order to gift a green planet to our successors, we need to make the world aware and contribute in lowering pollution & planting more trees.

“Less Pollution is the best Solution”

Eco-friendly vehicles are contributing highly in reducing pollution. Running on electricity, maintaining low-cost method of transportation and constantly enhancing the mechanical redesigning are more emphasizing on reducing waste and hence pollution.